Inspiring Lives and Changing Stories

Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

Who we are

Since 2018 The Big Smile foundation have been working with women, girl’s, men, boys, community and families affected by the insurgency. Our dedicated team continue to provide support to women and girls to be self-reliant creating a pathway for their development to be self-reliant and ending violence against women and girls for good.

We are a Youth and women Led organization within Nigeria, We are passionate about women and girls’ growth,  development, and safety which we are achieving through programs focusing on proper Education integration, gender equality, Human capacity building and strengthening community and society.

Ending Violence against women and girls:

We understand the deep-rooted problems facing women and girls and work with the government, whole communities, children, youth, women, men, and families to address issues facing women and girls growth, development, and safety.

We make sure women and girls are safe from harm, able to earn a living, and able to claim their rights, and we prioritise their safety and leadership during times of crisis.