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We implement several steps to ensure the safety of the people we serve.

We actively engage with communities, incorporating their feedback into our programs and advocacy efforts to address their needs effectively. Additionally, we educate both children and adults on expected behavior standards and how to voice concerns. We establish transparent reporting channels, conduct thorough background checks on staff, and provide comprehensive safeguarding training. Our risk assessments and mitigation strategies ensure the safety of beneficiaries and staff. Continuous learning from incidents helps us enhance safeguarding practices and prevent future occurrences.


Within our organization, we enforce various policies to uphold our dedication to safeguarding. Our Safeguarding Framework includes the following policies aimed at safeguarding children, adults, and our employees: the Child Safeguarding Policy, the Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy (PSEA), the Code of Conduct, and the Anti-Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy. These policies serve as the foundation for all our activities. Additionally, we adhere to the UN Secretary General’s Bulletin outlining special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, along with other relevant international standards.

Read the TBSF Safeguarding Policies.

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