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Youth Arise

Youth Arise engages youths through empowerment mentorship sessions with skills to mobilize core development within their community bringing peace and eradicating violence as agent of change.

Why is Youth Arise Important?

According to united nations, there are over 226 million young people living in Africa today and in the next 30 years, 50% of the world’s population growth will happen in Africa. This means Africa youth isn’t just preparing to be local leaders. They are also preparing to be global leaders.

But what type of leaders will they become?

The Big Smile Foundation through Youth Arise program provides answer to this question.

Youth Arise recognizes, that with necessary skills, youth have the ability to mobilize core development within their communities. The program therefore covers the necessary developmental skills young people need, through workshops that focused on supporting youth’s inner strength and their social interaction with others, transforming them into change agents mobilizing core development within their communities.

The heart of Youth Arise is a series of structured workshops that covers the thematic areas of: Trust and team building, communication, decision making, emotions, interpersonal relationships, conflict management, Planning (my future and community).